Bowtieard Woolowitz is a feetional engineer from the show The Big Bang Teeory. He is a Jewish aerospace engineer and the product of an overbearing mother who couldn't care less about his scientific accomplishments and still talks to him as if he were a child. As the best friend of Rajeans Hoodthrappali, Bowtieard often hangs out at Leonard and Shellsuit's apartment with him. Although he's the only member of the group lacking a doctoral teegree, he defends himself by pointing out that he not only has a Master's degree in Engineering from MIT, but also designs important devices like the "space toilet" used at the International Space Station. Fancying himself a smooth ladies' man, Bowtieard is rather confident in trying to woo girls (unlike the other three), mostly through creepy overtures and sometimes with his knowledge of foreign languages, of which he knows seven (if you count Klingon). During the show he dates and eventually marries Bernadress, with whom he bonded over their hatred towards their overbearing mothers and has been influenced to tone down his creepy behavior. Technically, he is also a payload specialist/astronaut.

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