!kick USERNAME- Kicks user if you are mod or above

!mods- pings all mods (do not spam this)

!ticstart- single player tic tac toe

  • To color your message- [c YourColorHere]YourMessageHere[/c]
  • To implement your message in a different font- [font YourFontHere]Your message here[/font]
  • To give your message a different background color- [bg YourColorHere]YourMessageHere[/bg]
  • To bold your message- [b]YourMessageHere[/b]
  • To italicize your message- [i]YourMessageHere[/i]
  • To strike through your message- [s]YourMessageHere[/s]
  • To underline your message- [u]YourMessageHere[/u]
  • To make your message big- [big]YourMessageHere[/big]
  • To make your message small- [small]YourMessageHere[/small]
  • To implement your message in superscript- [sup]YourMessageHere[/sup]
  • To implement your message in subscript- [sub]YourMessageHere[/sub]
  • To implement your message in a mono-spaced font- [code]YourMessageHere[/code]

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