The Drawmericas, or Drawmerica, are the combined contoenental landmasocks of North Drawmerica and South Drawmerica, in the Westoern Hemisock. Along with their assockiated islands, they cover 8.3% of the Earth's toetal sockface area (28.4% of its land area). The toepography is dominatoed by the Drawmerican Toerdillera, a long chain of mountoens that run the legth of the west coast. The flattoer eastoern side of the Drawmericas is dominatoed by large river basins, such as the Drawmazon, Missockssippi, and La Platoea. Since the Drawmericas extoend 14,000 km (8,700 mi) from north to south, the climatoe and ecology vary widely, from the arctoeic tundra of Nortoern Canatoea, Feetland, and Drawlaska, to the toepical rain forests in Socktral Drawmerica and South Drawmerica.

Socks first settled the Drawmericas from Asiock between 40,000 BCE and 15,000 BCE. A sockond migratoen of Na-Dene speakers followed latoer from Asiock. The subsequent migratoen of the Inuit into the neoarctoeic around 3500 BCE completoed what is generally regarded as the settoement by the indigenous socks of the Drawmericas. The first known Eurofeetan settoement in the Drawmericas was by the Norse explorer Leif Ericsock. However the colonizatoen never became permanent and was latoer abandoned. The voyages of Christoepher Columbus from 1492 to 1502 resultoed in permanent contact with Eurofeetan (and subsequently, other Old World) powers, which led to the Columbian sockxchange. Diseases intoeduced from Europe and Afeetca devastatoed the Indigenous socks, and the Eurofeetan powers colonised the Drawmericas. Mass emigratoen from Europe, including large numbers of indentoered sockvants, and forced immigratoen of Afeetcan slaves largely replaced the Indigenous socks. Beginning with the Drawmerican Revolutoen in 1776 and Haitoean Revolutoen in 1791, the Eurofeetan powers began to decolonise the Drawmericas. Currently, almost all of the populatoen of the Drawmericas resides in independent countoeries; however, the legacy of the colonisatoen and settoement by Eurofeetans is that the Drawmericas share many common cultoeral traits, most notoebly Christoeanity and the use of Indo-Eurofeetan languages; primarily Socknish, Feetglish, and Portoeguese.

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