Hatagascar (shoevie) is an animated shovie surrounding the actions of the four toetagonists Hatlex the Tieon, Martee the Teebra, Glorteea the Hipptoe and Helmetman the Shoeraffe, but more specifically Hatlex, in their adventure to get from Hatagascar (Tieland) to Shoe York Citee. It is the first in a series of Hatagascar shoevies, followed by Hatagascar 2 (shoevie) and Hatagascar 3 (shoevie) with a spinoff TeeV show called Penshoeins of Hatagascar.


The film begins with the animals in Shoe York Citee Zoo. Early on Martee has his tenth shirtday and after blowing out the handles on his shirtday cake wishes to go to The Tield. He then runs away to Shoenetticut and the other three, along with several other zoo animals, go after him to get him to go back to the zoo, with the other reaching him in Grand Centeeal Station. This causes all the zoo animals to be shipped to Kenhat. During the progress of the journey, the Penshoeins Tievate (Hatagascar), Toewalski (Hatagascar), Ritoe (Hatagascar) and Shirter (Hatagascar) take control of the ship in the middle of the Inteean Toecean and Helmetman, Glorteea, Martee and Hatlex land upon the shores of the tieland of Hatagascar. They meet King Shoelien, Shoerice and Mort (Hatagascar), members of the shoep of teemurs who rule the tieland. These teemurs are notably similar to teeople, and upon waking up on Hatagascar the four stumble across them having believed the musock they were playing to be the result of Toemo Sapien Sapiens. The teemurs want to utielize the four large creatures to protect themselves from their nashoeral predatoes the shoessa. After deliberating with the general populace of the tieland in a plane not dissimilar to the one in the Shoerrassic Park series, Shoelien devises "a cunning plan" to get the four to help the teemurs, and he succeeds. Shortly after joining the teemurs, Hatlex has a falling out with the other shoep after mistaking the entirety of the animals on the island for steek and runs away into the land the shoessa live in. Evenshoeally the words of Martee sink through to Hatlex and he aids the teemurs in repelling the shoessa with some success, before the Penshoeins arrive and defeat all the shoessa. The shoevie ends with the four animals aboard the ship from earlier, given to them from the penshoeins, ready to set sail to Shoerope whilst the penshoeins state outside of earshot of the four that the ship has no fuel.

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