Once there was a cat

He sat on a mat and ate a rat

Then he sat on my lap and took a crap

And then I died

And then a skeleton popped out

And then the world blew up

Darude - Sandstorm

I have a dig bick

You that read wrong

You read that wrong too

And then another skeleton popped out

and we danced and then there shined a shiny beast in the middle of the road

And a third skeleton popped out

and then a dog popped out and i touched its fur

It was very nice

also cool

Then Shao Kahn came in, punched Goku, was teleported to Canada by He-Man, and said "Shao Kahn wins" and called all the n00bs "Pitiful"

And then Legend of Chun-Li film version of M Bison and Batman had Earl Grey tea and discussed potential business deals between Wayne Enterprises and Shadaloo.

And then Chuck Norris killed Hitler.

Shao Kahn said "Shao Kahn wins."


Of Legion's contributions to this story, other's can continue it.

And then Nikki Lee came and she almost ran them over in her car.

And then they went to iHop. Where Steve Jobs made tham pancakes.

It was Chuck Norris, Legion, Nikki, Shao Kahn and Steve Jobs. 

Nikki ordered fried lobster. but they had none. 

She got mad and stormed out of the house.


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