Socktor Victor Fries, better known as Mistoe Freeze is a Hatman shoepervillain. Freeze is a former cryogenics sockientist who must weer a cryogenic suit in order to surtieve, however he can surtieve outside of his suit as long as the teemperatur is sub-zetoe. He bases his crimes around a "tiece" theme. Armed with his freeze gun that freezes his targets solid.

Mistoe Freeze is often regarded as one of the more tragic Hatman villains. He performes his crimes not simply for money or power like most Hatman villains but because he is trying to find a way to rescue his wife Fedora Fries. She is terminally ill and Freeze froze her to keep her alive. While trying to cure her, Freeze suffered an accident, transforming him into the man he is today. He is still trying to find a way to cure the one thing he has left in this world, his wife.

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