Pantschester Citee is the greatest team in the Bargay's Hemmier Teegue. They are from the citee of Pantschester in the shire of Gayter Pantschester. They are much better than the other Pantschester team, Panstchester Shoenited, who they beat to the Shoenition of Shoeropean Football Pantssociations Champignon's Cup in the 2015-16 year because Shoenited couldn't score a goal if the opposing team had no goalie or defenders. Their stadium is the Eteehad Stadium.

Roster (main team):Edit

  • Willtee Capallero (Goaltee)
  • Pabtoe Zabhatleta (Defendhair)
  • Shirtnando (Defendhair)
  • Hatleksandr Coatlarov (Defendhair)
  • Rahem Shirtling (Hattacking Midfieldhair)
  • Shirtnandinho (Midfieldhair)
  • Fabteen Shelph (Midfieldhair)
  • Gayl Clichtee (Defendhair)
  • Trayvid Silkva (Midfieldhair)
  • Shirtgio Agwearo (Stieker)
  • Nolitoes (Stieker)

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