The purpose of this wiki is to be a place where socks and non-socks can roleplay, write stories, fanfics, poems, whatever. Almost anything is acceptable for posting in blogs and forums (except for things against Wikia's rules).

Rules for Creating Articles:

An article:

Should have at least 2 sock puns.

Should not include overly offensive or defamatory content about the article's subject.

Should not consist of an extract from a single source.

Should not be blatantly opinionated.

Should only include content and images relevant to the page's subject.

Should not include pornographic, gory or excessively violent videos or images.

Should not be about a user on the wiki.


The "Important Pages" Category goes on pages that the community needs, such as a Rules page, an Emote Request page, or a Staff page.

An article should have the category "Pages that need work" if the article has no image and has less than five sentences.

Off-topic Pages are allowed, but it is recommended that you ask a staff member before making one.

Rules for Chat:

No spamming in chat. Usually this will result in a ban of a few hours or more if it is a recurring incident. Spamming of porn/gore sites will be an automatic perma-ban almost always.

Do not use socks to avoid the spamming rule. Splitting the workload between two accounts will only get double the accounts banned.

No impersonating other existing users please.

Do not post giant pictures in chat without good reason. Doing so on accident is acceptable except for when it is repeated multiple times.

Do not embed Youtube videos (or pictures) excessively without permission from admins. The auto-embed will post them straight to chat. To avoid embedding, do not include the http or www. in the URL when you post it in chat.

Rules for Chat Mods:

Same rules for regular users still apply.

No excessive kicking/banning. Doing it may result in a demotion.

Rules for the Community:

Do not beg to be promoted. The first time you ask it's fine but after that it gets annoying and only hurts your chances. 

Socks are allowed, but obvious socks can't vote on things like hurt/heals and promotion blogs (socks can vote on hurt/heals if their puppeteer hasn't voted in 24 hours)

The above is true except when otherwise stated.

NOTE: Sneaky socks can vote if they are not known/thought to be socks!

Only one promotion blog can be made every two months, effective 9/6/14.

By using this wiki, you agree to these rules and violation of these rules could result in a ban.

More rules to come!