Sashley is the founder of this wiki and future vice president

Full Name: Flash "Lee" Nailnonowitz

Occupation: A Tool

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 420 lbs


Stachley (Father), Cashley (Mother), Brashley (Brother), Trashley (Aborted Sister), Hashley (Son that was conceived out of wedlock)


Killer F. Ace (Supposed Agent)

Mystical T. Rixter (Supposed Agent. The same person as Killer F. Ace???)

Epic N. Ail (MIA)

Tiger S. Normale (Racist Lover??????)

Jack (Local Feg/Horsefucker)

Night F. Alcon (Psychiatrist) 

If you see this person than you have found her:


If seen please contact User:Senator Steven Armstrong for more info.

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