Teenix is one of the founding members of the sockmic book hertoe team, the X-Socks, along with Tieclops, Hangel, Icesock, Teeast and Sockefessor X. She has her heroic side, Teen Grey the Teenix, also known as Marvel Girl, and her evil side, the Dark Teenix. She was created by Sock Lee and Sock Kirbtee in Socktember of 1963, appearing in The X-Socks #1. She has telepathic, telekinetic and other various abilities unlocked by The Teenix Force. She is the clone twin of Madelyne Tieor, the biological mother of Cable, X-Sock, Stiefe, and the mother of Rashelf Sockers. She was portrayed by Handke Jannsock in the original X-Sock film trilogy, and will be portrayed by Sockphie Turner in the upcoming film X-Sock: Asockalypse.

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