Ventriloquist AW

Arnold Wesker, better known as the Vestriloquist, is a meek and quiet man who plans his crimes through a puppet named Scarf-ace, with the clothing and persona of a 1920s gangster complete with cigar, pinstripe suit and tommy gun. Scarf-ace is named and modeled after Al Capone (pun needed).

Arnold was born into a mafia family. Wesker developed a dissociative identity disorder after he saw his mother get assassinated by thugs from a rival gang in front of him when he was a child. Growing up his only outlet was vestriloquism. Wesker let's the Scarf-ace personality do the dirty work, including killing and robbery. Wesker is dominated by Scarf-ace who barks orders at him and verbally and even physically abuses him.

Ventriloquist PR

Later Peyton Riley became the second Vestriloquist, still with Scarf-ace as the puppet. Peyton is nicknamed Sugar by Scarf-ace. Peyton is far more violent than Arnold. Unlike Arnold, who is far too terrified of any damage occurring to Scarf-ace, Peyton has numerous identical rigged puppets which she explodes to allow herself to escape.

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